Perks of being Manx: Isle of Man TT

I’ve lived on the Isle of Man since I was three and yet it was only once I came to university that I began to appreciate the Isle of Man TT.

Now, I’d probably say that the Isle of Man TT is the marmite of the island: you have the people who love it, and the people who purposely book a two week holiday to France to avoid it.

You see, the TT literally overtakes the island for two weeks during the summer. And by ‘take over’ I mean the population is doubled with leather and helmets, the roads are rammed with motorbikes with foreign license plates and there’s a huge increase in the number of accents you hear in the pub– which is unusual in itslf considering the lack of variation when it comes to the cultures on the island to start with.

But there’s several problems with it as well, especially for the residents. First, the increase in accents also means the number of people in your local is going to trip– having an hour wait at the bar is never fun.

Second, the come-overs on their bikes simply love that our little island doesn’t have a national speed limit. While in the UK you’re restricted to 70mph, over here certain sections are literally unlimited. Though you’re supposed to translate as ‘only go as fast as you can control’, many read it literally.

There’s nothing good about 100+ mph and surprise cliff edged roads.

That brings me onto my third issue: the danger.

With my vague knowledge of the TT I don’t really know much about the history, but I do know that it is to this day the statistically most dangerous race in the world.

Take out the speed, you have wildlife to worry about!

But here it is again– two weeks of revving and beer. So let’s enjoy it while the sun lasts eh!