The “2013: Let’s Do This” List

    1. Buy the Jana Kramer album
    2. Complete everything for USA Summer Camp
    3. Go to London
    4. Get my Visa for USA Summer Camp
    5. Fly to America
    6. Have an amazing time at Summer Camp
    7. Visit New York
    8. Visit Jersey Shore
    9. Save £600
    10. Work in a school (Placement in a Primary School: …)
    11. Complete the Great Manchester 10km
    12. Run 10km in 60 minutes
    13. Read Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
    14. Read Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    15. Read Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
    16. Watch Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    17. Finish reading the Songs of Ice and Fire series
    18. Watch every episode of Game of Thrones
    19. Get my photos from year three developed
    20. Take part in a Park Run
    21. Beat my 5km PB
    22. Beat my 10km PB
    23. Get another tattoo
    24. Pass a full module with a first  (Casual 4am Post: in the library)
    25. Pass an assignment with 75% +
    26. Complete my dissertation
    27. Survive my dissertation
    28. Apply for a Masters degree
    29. Get accepted onto a Masters degree
    30. Go and see Wicked in Manchester
    31. Buy an Isle of Man TT t shirt
    32. Wear an Isle of Man TT t shirt in America
    33. Buy San Francisco 49’ers merchendise
    34. Find a house for 2013/14
    35. Get an Alice in Wonderland tattoo
    36. Write and send a letter
    37. Read The Hunger Games series
    38. Watch the entire The Mentalist series
    39. Watch the entire Las Vegas series
    40. Walk to Douglas along railway lines
    41. Have a big leaving do before America
    42. Complete a cross word, by myself!
    43. Get my nails done with 3D art
    44. Play hide and seek in the library
    45. Buy a designer handbag
    46. Dye my hair blonde (ombré)
    47. Get Warehouse Customer of the Week – Won Squires: Picture for a Pitcher, close enough!
    48. Visit Harrods
    49. Visit Hamleys
    50. Graduate with 65% +
    51. Use my filofax all year
    52. Go a week without Facebook  (Another Achievement Unlocked: A Facebook-Free Week)
    53. Go a week without Twitter
    54. Pay off my overdraft
    55. Skype a friend
    56. Stroke a snake
    57. Ride a horse
    58. Name a rabbit Peter
    59. Buy a “Keep Calm…” poster
    60. Buy someone a birthday present
    61. Buy a Pandora bracelet
    62. Reread The Time Traveller’s Wife
    63. Watch the Time Traveller’s Wife
    64. Watch Hanzel and Gretel (2013)
    65. Make a scrap book
    66. Get a photo with all of my friends
    67. Put Hello Kitty stickers on my filofax
    68. Go to Kuckoo
    69. Reread Wuthering Heights
    70. Join a gym
    71. Complete a 5+ climbing wall
    72. Run a mile
    73. Enter a competition
    74. Learn “hello” in ten languages
    75. Write a blog every day for a week (19th March – 26th March 2013)
    76. Visit Birmingham
    77. Paint a watercolour picture
    78. Draw a portrait
    79. Make a wish in a wishing well
    80. Give money to a street entertainer
    81. Read Alice in Wonderland
    82. Read Through the Looking Glass
    83. Watch the 50 Shades of Gray
    84. Make a friendship bracelet
    85. Send a post card
    86. Get Henna art on my hand
    87. Not buy a take away for a week
    88. Film me and my friends
    89. Facetime
    90. Make a collage
    91. Take a photo of a Beefeater
    92. Take a photo of Big Ben
    93. Go skiing
    94. Get an autograph off someone famous
    95. Get a photo with someone famous
    96. Visit a film set

(watched The Other Woman being filmed on 5th about.)

  1. Go to California
  2. Take a cab in New York
  3. Lose 6lbs (target: 58kg)
  4. Take a photo with an American school bus!
  5. Go to a gig (4th March @ 53 Degrees, Preston: Bastille)

Updated on the 14/05/2013 because I was nowhere near close enough to completing the previous 101 things on my list…

Part II

  1. Learn to ski
  2. Visit the Chill Factor in Manchester
  3. See an Olympic athlete
  4. Get a photo of an Olympic athlete
  5. Watch Iron Man 3
  6. Watch Iron Man 2
  7. Complete the Earth Children Series
  8. Go on holiday with my friends
  9. Stay in the YMCA
  10. Skype my (technology-phobic) mum
  11. Buy a painting
  12. Bake a cake
  13. Cook (read: prove I can cook) a roast dinner

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