Next Lois Lane: Previous Articles

As the title reads, here are some examples of the pieces of work that I have had published. At the moment it only contains those that have been put up online:

*** If you check out my Tumblr account you will find scanned copies of my written articles (well, some- I only figured out my PDF-scanner-mobile-app-y thingie the other day!)

Five Reasons Social Media is Dangerously Addictive (Kettle Mag, October 2013)

  • As a personal addict, I recount the five main attributes which make social media so tempting.

Ibiza: drugs, beaches, alcohol and passed out teenagers (Kettle Mag, August 2012)

  • After a summer holiday in Ibiza I decided to give my opinion on the place, and some of the misfortunes I faced!

How High is Too High for Killer Heels? (Kettle Mag, August 2012)

  • This article is in response to recent research which confirmed that on average, British women wear the highest heels in Europe. It has a lot of my personal view point and history into it.

Tattoos: What, Where and Why Should You Get One? (The Student Journals, May 2012)

  • This comment article was written firstly in response to a comment made in regards to a tattoo that I got. However I attempted to write in an informative and neutral style.

US Universities vs. UK Universities (The Student Journals, April 2012)

  • This is a factual I wrote with underlying concerns regarding the increase in tuition fees for 2012/13 students.



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