Hello: Coming in from the cold






So there’s something kind of strange going on but hey, I’m not one to blame coincidences. But this morning I decided to reignite this old blog malarky… I couldn’t particularly tell you why but given that I now have a diary, a “journal for notes and scribblings” as well as various pads for my university work I’ve clearly got too much to say. And I hope some of it might be a little interesting to you.

But first, and by far the weirdest thing to happen to me this morning, is that it’s mine and WordPress’ 5 year anniversary!


Your present’s in the post, WordPress.

Of course I’ve not been five years on this specific blog. But it’s definitely strange thinking back to five years ago. That was before university, I had a boyfriend… Pretty sure it was around this time five years ago that I had plans to go to Rome. Wow, it all seems to have been so long ago!

Well, back to the present day and what to discuss? I do have a growing list of topics, but they all deserve their own updates. But since 22 January what has happened?

  • Got a new job for the summer
  • I’m going to Leeds Festival!
  • For some reason, I’m going to the Sports’ Ball… Despite not being on a team. Any reason to buy a nice dress!
  • Went to hospital this weekend, anaphylactic shock.
  • And I’m still not entirely sure I’m going to survive my masters!

Of course, I’ll write more about all of that when I’m not rushing off to work. I just wanted to give you all a head’s up- I’m back!