What to expect from 2014.

It is funny this time of year, don’t you think? Everyone starts looking back on the previous year, or rather wishing they could fast forward to the next depending on how it went. But most of them end up judging it on a handful of significant events- a death, a marriage, a birth or a holiday. Out of the 365 days of the year, I could probably mention about a dozen off the top of my head… maybe a few more.

I guess that’s why I enjoy social media, despite all it’s downfalls, at least it allows us a reference to look back.

So that’s what I did. Using the fancy Facebook gimmicks that it has now, I went back to December 29, 2012 (same as I did on this blog this time last year, even if it was for tomorrow rather than today.) Last year, I couldn’t find anything for December 30, 2011… This time I had a bit more luck. Tonight, one year ago, was a weird night– though it doesn’t say that on my Facebook, but I remember it clearly now I know what happened. It was a night where I went out with one of my oldest coursemates, Anya, to Warehouse. There we met another couple of friends, and then I ran off to another club to meet another friend. From that second club I lost Anya, and ended up in Loft- the only club open in Preston after 4am- with a whole new bunch of people. We got harrassed by a drunk homeless man who claimed to have been in the Navy, spent £6 to get into the club which charged almost £10 for drinks to leave within half an hour.

I don’t really talk to Anya anymore since she graduated, though I still see her here and there. I became a lot closer to one of the friends we met in Warehouse, though she’s also left Preston now. The people I met in the second club well, that’s a bit more complicated but recently it’s been less rocky.

As for my social life, tonight I doubt I’ll be leaving the library.

Now for a quick recap on 2013, as I predicted it in my previous blog post.

Third year

I survived. And actually graduated (though in December rather than with my peers in the summer, since I was in America as I’ve mentioned). I’m proud of my 2:1 though it’s not the first that I really wanted– at the end of the day, I knew that I had put in nowhere near enough effort to get a first, but I was proud that I passed my dissertation with minimum input from my supervisor.


In June I flew over to America to work three months at a summer camp. I loved it, though I won’t be going back again this year like I planned to– it’s too expensive, and I don’t want to go to a different camp. Once in a lifetime though was certainly one of those significant events that I’ll always treasure. I got to travel to America, I watched a baseball game, I watched an NFL pre season game in the same stadium that the Superbowl will be held, I even started a short relationship with an American. In all honesty, I probably learned more about myself in that one summer than I’ve learned in the past two decades of my life.

Great Manchester Run 2013

Unfortunately I didn’t end up running this event due to my knee injury– and lack of training. Instead, I gave my number to a friend who did well and signed up to run in the 2014 event. I am training now, though I’ve been out for the past six weeks with a sprained ankle, so hopefully I’m off to a better start!

Moving home

Well, this didn’t quite pan out as I had expected. By now I thought that I would be living at home, under a curfew with no friends and working full time. Instead, I chose to apply for a masters in Social Policy at the same university that I’d been studying at for three years. I don’t think it’s a decision I’ll ever regret.

So next year…

I have no idea what to expect for 2014 now. This time last year I had so many milestones, so many significant events to look forward to. Now I’m struggling through– though I don’t know if that’s because I’ve become less optimistic (I don’t think I have) or because I have less motivation. Again, I imagine this time next year I will have left university and I’ll be working full time. Though I don’t plan to move home, this would probably be a suitable idea if I don’t find the money to move to a city like Manchester or find a job over here. I’ll have completed the Great Manchester Run for the NSPCC and I’ll have graduated from my masters degree.

Honestly, I feel very confused thinking about the future. But I think I’d prefer that right now than having a solid idea, because at the end of the day I’d rather leave myself open to opportunities instead of restricting myself.


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