Being Poor: A rite of passage for a post graduate

Ironically, the last time that I wrote about money was a month ago yesterday (Midnight Woes: Money, Money, Money). I didn’t plan for that to happen but it seems quite conveniant. poorAnyway, if you have read that post then you’ll know about my history with income while I’ve been a student and how close I came to dropping out. I didn’t drop out, obviously. One of my friends told me to use that stress and use it as motivation- I did, and thankfully I’m scrapping through. By pure chance I found a lot of American dollars which I could change, my younger sister agreed to pay my phone bill, and the generosity of my friends (and my landlord!) have meant that I’m just about surviving.

But this week I’ve been faced with an interesting dilemma: I got paid yesterday from my casual job. Thankfully, I’ve been offered plenty of hours and managed to make it past the £100 mark for this month’s wage (woo, go me!) but I had some debts to settle. The main two of which was my rent and my education.

Now, let me explain. I graduate at the start of December, which is the postponed graduation for my undergraduate degree since I was in America for the summer graduations. However, for graduation you obviously have to wear academic dress, a graduation gown that you can buy or rent. Which costs £40 to rent- horrible, I know. But well, given that my parents and my sister have paid to come over for it, and I’ve already registered, I can’t actually go to the ceremony without the gown. So that’s one issue.

Next is my rent. Like I said, my landlord was very kind and allowed me an extension on part of the sum of rent that I owed: £100. He had offered me a bit more leeway but I knew that putting myself too far behind on paying it would cause me problems in the future. But now I’m almost a fortnight later than I orginally agreed to pay him, so obviously I can’t be pushing my luck! Avoiding his texts will only go so far before I’m kicked out on the streets.

So, my two options are to graduate and be homeless; or to have a home, not attend graduation and waste my parents money.

Time to, unfortunately, make a phone call to the Bank of Stepdad.


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