Thank you to everyone who has been commenting, liking and simply reading my posts lately! It’s always a great motivation to have some interaction on the blog.

But now, on to the main focus: writing.

Now, many people reading this will be avid writers. By an avid writer I don’t mean to imply a published author, but we are all blog writers however frequently we might take to writing down our tales. Therefore I do feel that we are writers, Of course there are those who argue otherwise, who say someone has to achieve a certain goal before labelling themselves under a specific title such as a writer, or a runner; but for me, it’s about personal feelings.

I like writing. I always have. Though I wouldn’t say I’m especially creative, how J, K. Rowling came up with the whole world of Hogwarts I will never understand, but I am quite a daydreamer. In fact, I like to think of myself as a realistic daydreamer (which probably stems from my tendency to worry.)

Throughout my childhood, I’ve probably started about a dozen different story ideas. As I grew up, this gave way to a more academic style of writing thanks to university. But I’ll always remember what one author told me:

My friend’s stepdad had paid for me and her to attend a five day creative writing course with a published author. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and by the end we were expected to have completed a short story and she also suggested that if we were currently writing something that she would read through it. So I decided to let her read a short piece that I had written about a police woman who had given up her child at birth.

I was 16, what I thought I knew about post natal depression I have no idea but the story worked.

In fact, she seemed rather impressed- though that might have just been because we were all too young to handle real criticism. But one thing she did say to me was that I’d managed to squeeze a nine chapter book into nine pages. In her words, I had the real basis for a novel (whether any good or not she didn’t say).

That was by far the most encouraging thing anyone could have said to me.

Which brings me on to NaNoWriMo (or National Novel Writing Month, if you think I’ve lost my mind). November is a month which a nationally dedicated to writing, and blog posts if you were choosing to look at NaNoBloMo. Either way the aim is to write every day. If you are taking part in the blogging version, the aim is to write a blog post every day.

However, NaNoWriMo goes a little bigger (in my opinion anyway). Those taking part in this are ultimately aiming to complete a 50,000 novel by the end of November.


In fact, the charity provides support networks and writing groups in local areas to motivate you along. There’s an entire online community focused on helping you to your goal. They even break it down and point out that it is only 1,667 words a day to reach that target. That’s feasible right?

This isn’t a competition though, everyone who reaches the 50,000 word target is considered a “winner” but in fact just making it even a few days in is an accomplishment- it’s only day 2 and I’ve already hit 4,000 words (using my beginner’s momentum to get ahead of myself for the slump later on) but that’s far more than I’ve ever written in my life.

But don’t think you’ve lost out since you weren’t ready, you can sign up until November 5th so jump on the bandwagon!Image


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

  1. 4,000 words in two days is pretty freakin’ impressive. I veeeery briefly considered doing NaNo but it just wasn’t in the stars for me (way too lazy). I hope you “win” and I’ll be following along to see if you do 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I enjoy the writing though I’m under no illusions that it’s going to be a future best seller… Anything to put off the university assignments though!

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