My confession…

I have a confession to make: people think I’m weird. In fact, they’re probably right, but that’s not the main part. No, the confession is the fact that I probably am rather weird.


You see, I am a morning person.

But you wouldn’t think that if you see me trying to drag myself out of bed for work at 7am. I hate alarms, and I hate being rushed. But I’ve found a trick: getting up at 3am.

I know, strange right?

Well, it started about a year ago when I was working half days. I would work 9am until 2pm and at first I would head straight to the library and take advantage of my free afternoon. But then, as deadlines approached, the library suddenly gets incredibly busy during the afternoon and even up until midnight when dissertations are due (because of course all the deadlines are bunched together).

In first year a friend had gotten me into the habit of going to the library at midnight and staying until 6am when it was a bit quieter, though by no means empty (seriously, people who think students are solely at university for a social life have no idea!). But with a shift at 9am those kind of alnighters weren’t exactly feasible anymore.

Instead, I began taking naps straight after work- until midnight. No, in your world 10 hours is probably a bit of a drastic nap but welcome to student life. Then I would drag myself to the library and put in a caffeine fueled six hour shift. Even after that, I still had plenty of time to wander home and get ready for work, so much so that I might turn up 45 minutes early. And wide awake!

Once I got into this habit, it wasn’t long before I was squeezing in a routine morning job between the library and starting work. Add a runner’s high to a caffeine buzz and that’s what makes a morning person a nightmare!

But since I lost my half day shifts there was no need for that kind of routine anymore. I began spending full days in the library and going to bed at an average time. I would gradually drag myself out of bed for sometime in the early afternoon and trudge to the library, already hoarding two cans of Red Bull for the first hour to wake myself up.

Until today.

Now it’s 10am and I have:

  • Been to the library and written 300 words on an assignment
  • Applied for a few jobs
  • Watched an episode of Once Upon a Time
  • Been to the gym and done an hour workout
  • Wandered into work to check my shift, have a natter and get the keys to open up tomorrow.
  • Been to the medical centre to order my prescription
  • And written this blog

At a brilliantly leisurely pace. And now, it’s safe to say, I am absolutely buzzing!

Though considering my lectures don’t start til 4pm I’ll no doubt have crashed by then….


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