To the First Person Who Ever Commented on my Blog

This post isn’t anything about myself, but rather an idea that I borrowed off Little Miss Wordy. Her post to the blogger who wrote the first comment on her blog was inspiring! It’s always good to appreciate the little things. So here it goes:

Dear Feather and Beads,

It’s almost a year ago since you motivated me with your little comment on my blog.

It was on my fourth post, back when I made that huge confessions about my trich. You were, and possibly still are, a fellow sufferer but your kind words really made a huge difference. I think, in all honesty, not only did it reassure me that someone was reading my blog (which is always a bit of motivation to carry on writing) but also understood what I was writing about.

Now, though I wasn’t completely new to blogging, my blogs never recieved much traffic. I’m nowhere near famous in the blog-sphere, and rarely advertised the fact that I even owned a blog as much as I enjoyed writing them. Indeed, I barely ever commented on anyone else’s blog prior to your own few words on mine. I was one of those quiet people, lurking in the corner at the house party, often pressing ‘like’ on each post that I read but never adding my own two pence.

The anonymous people who may drift across my blog were far less scary. Who knows how or why they come to read it, but it was satisfying enough at that time.

Suddenly I got an email saying someone had commented- and it wasn’t a spam account! The fact that a real, live person was bored and browsing blogs had come across mine. Not just come across it, but read and even taken the time to comment was a miracle. It wasn’t for a few more months that I began to appreciate what a community there is among bloggers, and I’ve even realised that there are also other people who don’t have a million followers, a personal Facebook page for their blog and get sent freebies and personal invites all the time.

Thank you for starting it all off.

I still come across your blog every so often, though I realise you stopped posting in May- I hope this post might encourage you to take it back up. Your posts were thoroughly entertaining to say the least! Not to least say they’re just long enough to provide me with just the right amount of procrastination time when I’m stuck in the university library.

For this, and many other reasons, I thank you.

Jade (Textbooks and Clichés)




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