“But I never thought you were into…”

Have you ever looked around at your friends and realised you knew very little about them? Or, in fact, that you had assumed that you knew everything until they corrected you?

The realisation came to me today while I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine. We were discussing our student newspaper, Pluto, since I had noticed she’d written on the Facebook page about wanting to go to the meetings. Now, two years ago she was a keen news reporter for the same newspaper and last year she went away to study Journalism in China. She is a journalist. I’ve never really seen her as anything else, well career-wise I mean. She studies international journalism, she can write in shorthand (I assume) and she’s constantly posting her latest articles.

But when I told her I also was writing for the Pluto this year, she was shocked.At least she wasn’t horrified, but she did seem relatively surprised. I wasn’t a journalist, and have no dreams of becoming one. Journalists, I think, are a special breed of person. You need to have that killer instinct at being able to spot a story within what might be a bland announcement, to have to urge to dig deeper or to come at it from an exciting angle. Me on the other hand? I enjoy writing. Give me a topic and I can research about it all day, and yes, sometimes I find a good angle. I enjoy talking to people and I have no problem in making sure the right people know.

Tell me to find a front page headline though and you’ll probably be stuck with the latest “cat stuck in a tree” story.

I doubt that’s why she didn’t think I was a journalist though. To her, I’m the go-to when anyone has a problem at the university, I’m a good listener, an okay talker and extremely nosy. I spend most of my time between the pub and the library being the typical student that I am- though more recently, it is becoming much more the latter. In the past I have juggled jobs ranging from pharmacy, to retail, to reception work. Future journalists, I find, live and breath their career.

I guess, in all honesty, she probably had no idea what I wanted to be.

But then again, niether do I.


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