Training: Slow and Steady



So yesterday I went for my first run in what must be about two months by now, or at least since my previous running post in America. It wasn’t a brilliant by any means but I did finally get out after insisting I will for the past week.

I walked almost 1km to the local park, Moor Park, which I thought would be nice and quiet for a early afternoon jog. Personally, I don’t like running on the streets of Preston on my own during the day until I’ve built up my distance a bit more- otherwise I’d be stopping every two minutes and probably get taken over by pedestrains!

So, I arrived at Moor Park.

Now, I know the park is quite large by the standards in the Isle of Man. It also has a path which goes the entire way around it, and also diverges off in several places. This meant that I could chose a route and know there were several options. This time I chose to go the round route which went around the edge before taking the second path which cuts across the middle of the park and back to the main street.

I was quite happy with the idea of just seeing how far I could get.

On this occasion, that wasn’t too far. I made it to the first corner, about four minutes of running before stopping. I then carried on walking for a few seconds and continued to the second corner. Then I decided to walk back.

Now, I probably could have ran further if my aim was to end in exhaustion but this wasn’t a run which I planned to push myself to the limits. I know that trusting my luck, that would only result in an injury. My aim this time is to build up extremely slowly and hopefully this will mean I can keep my own motivation up by not disappointing myself by setting ambitious goals- something that I’m not exactly unknown for.

I’ve also allowed myself plenty of time before the BUPA Great Manchester Run so I’m quite comfortable with myself at the minute.

Altogether I ran about 1km in 6 minutes, with only around a 30 second/one minute walking break. For me I can be happy with this since it means I’ve managed to slow down my pace, which isn’t something I did well with when I first started running. Though this means I’m nowhere near beating any of my (already slow) personal bests (PBs) it gives me a bit of encouragement.

Today is going to be a day of studying and resting, and tomorrow I think I will go out and try again. Sometime this week I’ll also be going to the gym as well as rock climbing with some friends which will all help myself with my fitness and stamina.


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