Welcome back

So, where to begin. This week is going to see the start of a new me. Project: Adult Jade (sorting my life out). Not like I don’t say that every single day but I guess writing it down makes it a bit more… Accountable.

That’s it.

I guess I should give you a quick debrief of what’s happening during my absense from the blogging community. Well here it goes:

  • Got an American boyfriend
  • … We broke up
  • Started at camp
  • … Came back to the UK
  • Started my masters
  • … Had a confidence crisis
  • … Nearly dropped out
  • Started watching Breaking Bad
  • Completed that series about the London Call Girl (with Billie Piper?)
  • Decided I’m going to apply to some American universities for my PhD
  • … Decided I was even doing a PhD
  • Started on the university paper, Pluto
  • Updated my blog
  • Got glandular fever
  • … Which turned into Hepatisis
  • … Which meant I completely lost my appetite and lost over a stone (not healthy!)
  • And I’m currently without stable employment
  • And skint. Really skint.

Of course, I could go into it in more detail. A lot more detail. But right now, I’m starting a fresh, which means not rehashing those horrible details. I’m over it and therefore the old Jade is of no importance to you readers!

Onwards and upwards eh.



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