Textbooks Hits the Road


So getting fit has always been a thing for me- though definitely not in any kind of dieting way. I was brought up on take aways and ready meals and, amazingly, managed to keep a nice size 6/8 body. In fact when I was looking for my dress for my year 11 prom I managed to slither into a size two… seriously, SIZE TWO!

But let’s move to the present. Now I’m comfortably size 12, around 63kg and spend my life sitting in the library or standing behind a counter at work. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my body in any sort of way. I just feel like a slob…

Now I’m refocusing on my running. My main focus in long distance: 5km and 10km road races. I’ve already said that I’ve signed up for the Great Manchester Run in May 2014 for the NSPCC. Now I’m signing up for the Preston 5km with the aim of fully running it and also beating my 30:50 PB (personal best).

To do this I’m doing something scary. Yesterday I actually woke up at 5am, when I was starting work at 8am, and went for a run. Considering my knee hadn’t fully recovered I decided to take it slow and short, though by my standards it was pretty normal. I walk-ran about a mile and a half. I plan to do this every other morning, at least three times a week but I doubt I’ll suddenly improve in a short period of time.

Essentially my aims are simple:

Sub 25 minute 5km
Sub 60 minute 10km

Let’s see how this works…


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