Pain in the Teeth

So as I previously mentioned, I’m in the amazing United States of America for the summer. I’m living the American dream for the next three months. And yet in the past week I’ve seen the inside of Accident and Emergency and a dentist.

Considering I’ve only been here since last Thursday I’m doing pretty well.

So let me explain the exciting end to my day trip to New York. We were on our final stops to Times Square to shop before the train home an hour later. Then I brought it to an abrupt stop when crossing the road outside Maddison Square Gardens, when a cycalist took me down.

Of course I don’t really know much about what happened past being hit and suddenly being surrounded by people. The story is that he flew at me, knocked me off my feet, I did a somersault and flew a meter down the road while managing to keep my handbag on my shoulder. Oh, and I landed on my face.

The one fact I know is the face part- I essentially lost a big part of my two front teeth. For the past week I’ve been suffering what I consider incredible tooth pain, gum pain and lost the ability to chew or bite into anything with the pieces of my teeth that remained. Drinking was also a hassle given the exposed nerves! (And really, no 21 year old wants to demand a straw with every drink).

Finally my boss at the camp kindly arranged to get me fitted in at the local dentist. The appointment was today and the result of over an hour of pain was:


I HAVE FULL FRONT TEETH! (No unfortunately I don’t have a before picture, low self esteem doesn’t cover how I felt about my smile then!)

Now my biggest worry is cost of course. Insurance was crucial coming over here, as it is on every holiday I go on given my luck. But dental is also a hassle with any insurance company and with that the company I was with only would pay a limited amount- less than half of what the estimated price would be.

Being put in this position made me much more apprectative of the NHS. More so with my trip to the hospital, my biggest worry was that I couldn’t afford the treatment despite the fact it was an emergency. It’s a sad state of affairs when someone might actually have to consider risking their own life and welfare for fear that it might bankrupt them.


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