Sometimes we turn out a little different(ly)


Have you ever considered what your primary school teachers would think if you had a chat with them now?

I mean, if you live in a small community like mine you’ll probably see the person who taught you in primary school every day or so. In my case, I doubt they recongise me when I walk by. I was always a very quiet student you see, very unconfident. Though while my sister was repeatedly told off for her inability to ask questions for herself, I was simply lazy.

My report from year two stated that the teacher believed I might be dyslexic. Though, of course, I didn’t find this out until I was putting all my reports in my record of achievement for our mini graduation parade- though how much of an achievement that report was I don’t know. I guess the feeling of questioning my academic ability didn’t last long though since in the SATs I gained straight level 5s… or was it 6? The highest you could receive for primary school SATs anyway, not that they exist anymore. That was without any formal diagnosis of a learning disability or any assistance with the tests.

By the end of year 6 I had raced to the top of my class for reading,  though by the beginning of high school it was clear my ability in maths wasn’t that great. Essentially, following this, I was steadily average in my academic life though there was an obvious failing on my part when it came to exams. That was made stark clear with my absymal A Level results… though admittedly my sore lack of attendence didn’t help.

Now I’m at university. I’m in the top 25% of my course. I’m averaging 65-75% on all of my essays. I enjoy education. I (sometimes) even partake in classroom discussions. I’ve had work experience in schools, newspapers and youth clubs and none of these I was forced or encouraged to do by any of my teachers or family. I’ve juggled a job with education for the past three years. I like the library.

I’m not a social recluse… though admittedly I still am quite socially awkward at times.

So what would Ms Corrine think if she saw me now? Well, probably “and you are?”


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