Judgement Day(s): The approach of results day and graduation

Right now I am two assignments away from completing my third year of university. That’s about 4,500 words or 4,050-4,950 if you use the ten per cent allowance on either side.

It’s almost three weeks until my final deadline and 21 days until I fly off to America.

Everything I have worked towards these past three years will be over on the 30th May when I hand in my flat keys to the reception.

Now that’s a scary thought. For many of us third years it’s time to start the final sprint. The majority of my friends have handed in their dissertations and are beginning their final exams, while others, like me, are putting the final touches to their last essays. Others I know have already ran off home, not even caring to look back at their university life; while others I know are biting their nails waiting for post graduate offers and graduate employment contracts to be offered.

Me? Well, I’m running off the America on the 30th for three months. Then I return to Preston, and hopefully begin my masters course in Social Policy. I’m one of those who’s yet to feel the boredom of school life and grow weary of education, and I do hope that doesn’t set in anytime soon.

But just because that part has been sorted, and will hopefully be confirmed on results day, it doesn’t mean I’m any less unsettled than my graduating friends.

This is the time for reflection. I’ve said throughout this final year that as long as I try my hardest I don’t care what I receive on results day. That’s a lie… Well, to an extent. I want a First, though I’ll settle for a secure 2:1. I need a 2:2 in terms of getting onto my course, however I need the 2:1 in order to receive funding.  Given my 67-75 per cent marks throughout this year, and my 63 per cent overall for second year I’d say a 2:1 now would appear pretty secure. If I hadn’t taken the double dissertation which makes up 23% of my final grade as opposed to the 11.6 per cent that each of the other third year modules make up.

But since my aim is to go into social research, taking that double dissertation which only two others on my course chose to take, was essential. And if anything, that double dissertation will make or break any future career plan I have. I enjoy researching, I enjoy studying and I enjoy studying education but this will prove if I’m capable of what I want to do or if I need to focus on something else.

I think that’ll be the main part of my Judgement Day.



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