So today and yesterday we enjoyed the first few days of summer- celebrating 20 plus degrees! As you can imagine we all quickly jumped at the chance of getting out of the library to enjoy a bit of sun (in our case, out of Preston entirely).


Yes, me and a few friends took advantage of the weather and escaped to the seaside. Now, me being from the Isle of Man and having the sea within walking distance wherever I am, going to the seaside isn’t a novelty for me. Unlike my friends from the midlands. Seriously, it amazes me that people actually have to catch a bus for an hour or so to see the sea!

On the otherhand, it looked like the entire of the North West had jumped on the bandwagon. We spent an hour driving around in search for a parking space, and with it being the bank holiday weekend, it was predictably a nightmare.image

It was a great day altogether. We ended up in the pub, wandering along the prom, popping into Coral Island, enjoying the rides on the Central Pier and finally getting extremely lost looking for the car again.

Though admittedly we didn’t get our ice cream,  huge Teddy, candy floss or fish and chips but it was definitely worth the trip.


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