Social Media: Keeping work and play seperate

Considering social networking began in 1995, it’s only recently that it’s boomed into life. And it has quite literally boomed. In 2008, Facebook had 34 million users and now they’re boasting over one billion users, 618 million of which are active daily. Digital Marketing Ramblings also points out that other social networking websites also boast huge numbers such as the professional site LinkedIn having 200 million, the photo sharing site Instagram claims 100 million users and Tumblr with 170 million.

Considering I come from an island which has the population of 80,000 those numbers are pretty unbelievable.

But something else is coming into play now. That’s the use of social networking websites and your employment. Earlier this year it was reported that 56% of employers check social networking sites when considering an applicant.

Of course, I have touched on this before in Social Networking Sites: the bain of my life but it wasn’t until recently that it really hit me. I got my contract for my job in America through my email and one of the conditions was regarding social networking websites: 1. All pages had to be switched to private and 2. nothing regarding the employer or place of employment could be posted online.

Now I’m not going to claim this is completely outragous, by now I’ve began to come to terms with the matter of privacy. Since I’ll be working with children, there is the potential of parents Googling who they’ve left their children with- admittedly, I think I would do the same thing. And ok, I don’t really consider this when I’m posting my tweets and statuses.

But when you start reading stories like how one professor chose to argue the possibility that the Sandy Hook tragedy wasn’t as bad as it was protrayed on a public blog you start to realise the potential damage there is in posting your opinion.


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