It’s April… If You Hadn’t Noticed!

So it’s a couple of days late but I thought I’d give you a little taster of what to expect from April:

  • It’s all about the deadlines right now, since university ends in a matter of weeks. Expect a lot of complaints about my double dissertation, a massive hooray on the 18th when it’s handed in and a few mentions of other assignments I’ll be working on as well as the grades I get.
  • America will continue being a theme since I leave next month (eek!). I’ve also arranged my leaving do for this month as well since all my friends will be running off home at various times over the next couple of months.
  • I’m rejoining the gym which could be interesting. Mainly I’m joining it to build up on my indoor climbing skills but since I’ll get an all inclusive membership for around £21 a month I might take advantage of the gym, the climbing and admire the pool (from a distance of course).
  • Birthdays are at large during April. On the 1st was a close friend, this will be followed by my best friend’s back home on the 11th, several on the 13th, my sister’s on the 18th (yes, the same day as my dissertation deadline ironically) it’s all go!


So yes, April could be interesting! Or completely, mind destroyingly dull. I guess that’s your preference.


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