I’m Not a Nice Person…

In year nine we did a thing in Religious Education: we had to write what we thought of each person in the class individually and the next lesson our teacher handed each of us a slip of paper with a summary of what people thought. I remember mine being quite general “she’s a nice person”. I think there were about three phrases essentially all varieties of that.

Now I’m at university, one of the ice breakers that my lecturers like to use every time we begin a new module is to go around the room and have every say their name, their course and one secret fact about themselves. You get a variety of facts coming out, we discovered that two people in the class had previously met through a company gathering and then you get some silly ones like one girl announcing that she was from the Isle of Man (yes, I did quickly point out she wasn’t alone in that.) But what I like about that is that they are facts. They have happened and, in most cases, they can be proved.

What I don’t like though is the concept of evaluating yourself based on your own opinions. I mean, some of us will be big headed while others are very self critical. In all honesty, I don’t think anyone can truely evaluate themselves in line with what others believe of them.  It’s kind of like when someone tells you that they’re a “nice person”. I mean, really… What is this nice? How do you know that everyone around you has the same conclusion about the term? And if not, then you can’t class yourself as a nice person because there will be some who would argue otherwise.

I have friends who tell me that I seem to be the most relaxed person they know with no problems- well, considering I suffer bad anxiety that’s a bad conclusion.

Others have told me I’m extremely motivated- but in my opinion, assignments are simply a distraction.

I have heard on a few occasions that I’m nosy and can’t stay out of others people’s business- well, this I wouldn’t argue with but I generally get what I know off social networking sites, so I argue that I simply pay attention and have a good memory.

The general consenus at work is that I’m quite lazy, and yet one of the only people willing to try new things and will happily do overtime… Well, that’s just a contradiction in itself!

And they’re just the opinions I’ve heard, I’m under no illusion that sums up me. But as you can see, there’s a big mix right there off the top of my head. On the other hand, maybe it’s simply how I act around certain people. In the case of work, I feel very overpowered by some of my more qualified collegues and therefore don’t like intruding on their jobs though I’m technically being trained in those areas. It varies a lot on who I’m talking to and how I’m expected to act.

How about you? Do people generally agree on what they think of you or do you hear several different opinions, whether you agree with them or not?



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