Sexual Assault in Glasgow

Good news is rarely worth reporting because it simply doesn’t attract the same sort of attention as the bad events which are going on in the world. But this was particularly horrible to read. I clicked onto the BBC website to catch up with the latest news, and came across this article regarding the rape of a 14 year old girl. On a public bus.

It’s awful to think that it is almost that easy to be targeted, especially given that, in my opinion, half 10 isn’t that late. I know a few neighbourhoods where you don’t get the “last bus”- that’s the one where you’d be hassled by the drunks getting home after last orders but that would normally be around midnight or later. The lack of CCTV on this bus has also meant that it will be a lot harder to catch the men who committed the assault, when there’s essentially a CCTV camera on every corner you turn nowadays.

Obviously, unless you are directly involved in the case none of us can know what happened. But it’s clear that basic steps need to be taken to prevent these events happening in the future, simple security aspects like CCTV are vital in this day and age. I know that there will be a lot of people shaking their heads, refusing to want to get dragged into a Big Brother society but that’s not what this is. No-one is wanting to control us, it’s the difference between catching criminals through having a physical photo of their mug shot or having to go off the memories of a distressed and traumatised 14 year old.

I’ve been warned time and time again by friends not to take certain routes around the town due to the lack of survelliance, but I’m suddenly starting to appreciate the security of having these cameras watching us.

I really hope that these guys get caught. That young girl will never get over what happened I imagine, but at least it would offer her a little assurance. I hope.


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