A Cupcake of Happiness

Cheesy title right? Well, I decided to have a bit of an uplifting post after a few days of feeling down, and I’m sat in the library working on assignments at gone midnight so hey.

That's the "cupcake of happiness" in case you didn't guess

That’s the “cupcake of happiness” in case you didn’t guess

So after my lousey mood lately, my friend did something amazing today. Now, this guy didn’t know about the situation with my mum and in all honesty, he was probably stuck for company. But anyway, he text me wanting something to do and I suggested my two typical options: the library or the pub. I don’t do much else and I’m not that creative when it comes to thinking up options. He came up with the idea of going to Blackpool for a cheap day out. Now, personally, I thought that was an amazing idea since I love the 2p machines at the archades probably more than the rollercoasters! But when it came out that it was going to rain (typical) we went off the idea.

Then he decided he wanted cake. Now, I’m not a dessert person in the least and even the 2 for 1 deals at our local don’t sway me to fork out for some “best you’ll ever taste” cheese cake. But if it gave me something to do, then I’d do it. Then he found a cupcake teashop in Preston and wow was he excited.

Now, I’ve never had a cupcake. I prefer pubs over the local cafe scene. I prefer beer over a cup of English Breakfast (tea, for anyone who’s not upper class). But since I’m going to America then I better get used to this: cupcakes are in. Now, if you’re like me and at a complete loss for anything cultural, cupcakes are essentially fairycakes but titled a bit more snazzy. They come in different flavours and amazingly pretty designs on the top and people will fork out for these delicate little teasures.

But wow, I did not expect what we got.

The place we went was Strictly Cupcakes. It’s the cutest teashop I’ve ever seen. It’s petite, and would probably fit about 10 people in. The room looks like it’s been pulled out of a 1950s’ housewife’s dream. It was all pastille colours and delicate china. And, the best bit, they had glass Coka Cola bottles. I swear, I was far too excitable in this place! To be honest, I’d label it Preston’s little gem. They had jaffa cake cupcakes, oreos, malteasers, even the amazing Red Velvet- not that I wanted to try that first. Apparently that one is an acquired taste.

I went for a malteaser cupcake in the end. I was genuinely guttered I couldn’t finish it but my paranoia about chocolate kicked in and I had to leave the topping.

But honestly, with such an amazing service, a quaint atmosphere and even the fact I was persuaded to buy something sweet and chocolate… I definitely think anyone within a 10 mile radius needs to get themselves to this place!



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