Easter: My Least Favourite Holiday

So the 31st March is Easter Sunday. Of course, there are religious meanings but for a moment let’s focus on the commercial meaning of Easter: Easter eggs! Now I’m probably going to put a dampner on your day, but I depise Easter. Every since primary school I’ve been allergic to nuts in some capacity, but it was until I was 17 that I had my first proper reaction and by proper I mean I went into anaphalatic shock. I’d eaten some Chinese food at a buffet thinking it was a lamb kebab and within a couple of hours I was in A&E.

That’s when it started. Everything new that I ate I could taste a trace of nuts in. Chocolate bars that I’d eaten for years with no problem suddenly gave me an itchy throat and set me off in a panic. Later on I discovered that with an allergy such as this, every reaction causes it to become slightly more sensative which could account for some of this. However, I do think a lot of it is down to paranoia. Once you go through that experience, and you have your doctor repeat that you will die if you have another reaction five times in one minute… You get quite scared.

So what do you do when everyone’s excited for Easter eggs and you know you can’t have any- nut trace warning or not?

It’s a similar issue for my cousin who’s got a baby boy. She decided when he was born that he wasn’t allowed any sort of sweets and she’s brought him up on a nice, healthy diet. But now she’s worrying about Easter, and that he’ll feel left out because every other kid will be counting their chocolate eggs. He’s only one right now, but the problem will probably become more obvious as he grows and he begins to question his diet. I mean, what kid really understands the concept of “sweets are bad for you” when they’re in primary school?

I guess a lot of people will have issues with Easter. But like I said, there is the religious reasons behind the holiday too.


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