Snow Day!

isle of man

So at the minute my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram timelines are all crammed to the brim with one topic; no, not the football… No, not X Factor… It’s been snowing!

Now, I’m sure many of you do actually realise this since I imagine you’re in a similar situation yourself. Back home, in the Isle of Man, they’re suffering. I know they are because my sister sent me an urgent message on Facebook last night, and I know it was urgent because she never initiates the conversation. But in this case it was a matter of being stranded, in the snow. Now, it gets all the more better when she continues to explain that she’s at the Highway Man, our local pub, which is around half a mile away from our house.

And no, they hadn’t been snowed into the establishment!

That’s what amuses me about snow back home, the whole island’s been forced to a standstill by a lot less than this. We never get snow though. There’s a weird, biological or geographical explaination for this but I know it has something to do with the sea. The last time we had this much snow was when I was about five, and again that was during Easter.

I mean, seriously, did no-one let the weather know it’s the beginning of spring?

The ironic thing is though, that as I’m writing all of this about the Isle of Man. That as all my friends who are making their way home, or at least attempting to despite the cancelled flights and sailings. Is that Preston has zero snow. Well, settled snow. And yet, I’m sat here in the library with two hoodies in.

Where is the justice?


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