Domestic Abuse

As I mentioned previously, one of my current assignments is a literature review on child abuse and neglect. It’s not a light hearted topic, and it was one of a variety of choices which included the education of teenage parents and others, but I decided that if I could successfully write this essay then I could prove I could be professionally detached. Not being cold hearted of course, but if I want to work with vulnerable children then this would be one step to proving I had the emotional capability to do so.

I’m never going to say this assignment is easy, in fact is proving to be one of my most stressful essays. But admittedly I am finding it interesting. Interesting in a way of identifying risk factors, signs of abuse and the long term affects- essentially things that, even though I have witnessed such things on occasion, I never connected the dots on the matter. Especially interesting from an education point of view.

However, as I was browsing the internet during a moment of procrasination I came across the video. Before you click play though I must warn you that some may find it a hard hitting piece emotionally.

The person who uploaded it did not clarify where the piece had come from, they simply uploaded the video. On further exploration, I discovered this article which fully explained what it was. It isn’t a true representation of a victim of domestic abuse, but rather an actress filmed in a much shorter period of time with the benefits of make up and various backgrounds.

Now, personally, I believe that whether it’s fake or not, it does represent the message appropriately. I doubt anyone could watch that video without feeling some sort of emotion. However, it is important to realise that this is staged- and that many victims may not be so “obvious”. During my research I discovered that the majority of cases aren’t as easily identified, particularly in the case of children who’s bruises and cuts could be put down to a bit of “rough and tumble” in the playground. In fact in many of the most serious cases, the NSPCC reports, which do end up in the death or near death of a child, it is unfortunate that the child had not been identified as a victim or enough evidence was found to support the case.

It’s a scary concept. And proves that more has yet to be done in the case of safeguarding young children, and vulnerable adults.


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