Gold Duke Of Edinburgh

So way before I started this blog I decided on something: I wanted to complete a Duke of Edinburgh award. And by “way before…” I mean back in high school. Year eight I think? I remember our PE teacher, Mrs S something or other, being there while we spoke to the local co-ordinator for our area. Me and my best friend went along.

The first meeting was a general introduction, the next we were expected to pay around £15 (I think?) to sign up. This was the interesting part because this was where we decided what we were going to do for the next six months to qualify for the award. We were only old enough for the bronze at this point but I had big dreams of completing the gold and meeting the DoE himself (I already had met and spoke to him when the royals visited the Isle of Man but that didn’t matter).

I did so few things outside of school though I really struggled to decide anything!

We needed a skill, a physical, a volunteering role and then the expedition. I signed up to volunteer with the Manx SPCA but almost straight away my DoE centre closed.

Recently, still before I started up this blog though, i’ve set my mind to it again. This time though I’m 21 and can hit the gold first time. And it’ll take me around a year and a half to complete so it’ll be no easy task.

Again I need a physical, skill, volunteering and an expedition but on a gold you add in a residential. The best part about the residential? My three months in America will strike that off straight away which is brilliant!

Now just to decide on the rest…


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