Girls in Education

There’s one brilliant fact about being a girl studying education: girls never cause trouble in school! Well, besides teenage pregnancy of course but other than that, guys get blamed for a huge amount of stuff- even the teenage pregnancy cases! And if you’re a black male you should just accept your life as a trouble maker.

Now of course I’m not wanting to start an online argument or anything by saying this! But it’s what the research states : your gender and your ethnicity impact your education.

Considering I didn’t see anyone with a different skin colour until I was 17 I guess I can’t really comment. Even then, they were female. I remember spotting two young Muslim girls when I started Sixth Form and wanting to know about their scarves. But I’ve never had any experience with black males.

A certain group I have had trouble with though? Females. Being one, I give myself the right to judge but wow females can be tough. Whenever I was bullied in school, it was an older girl. Anyone who picked on my sister- a girl. The “problem” kids in my year? Mostly girls.

Though I highly doubt the guys weren’t a problem simply due to their skin colour. They were just massively outnumbered.

Sometimes though I wonder what it would have been like to grow up in a multicultural community. Where I lived you weren’t allowed to be gay never mind black! I grew up on a council estate though, even if it was all white there were enough problems without throwing in the supposed “terrors” of certain ethnicities.


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