Another Achievement Unlocked: Facebook-free Week



After my complaint about social networking websites a few posts ago, an aim for 2013 was to go without Facebook for a week (as well as Twitter but that’s a whole other matter). So, I’ve just achieved it. I deactivated my account on Monday night, and reactived it this morning. Though I deleted it for personal reasons as opposed to simply staying off it for a week, it worked out quite well.

Firstly, I think the fact that I didn’t deactivate it with the target of a week without it actually helped with the “withdrawal”. Now, of course, Facebook isn’t an drug as such but you quickly realise how much you use it without realising it when you have no access to it. For myself, as soon as I wake up in the morning I’ll check my phone. This will be for notifications I would have gotten during the night, emails, new texts or any missed calls. After this I’ll click on Facebook and scroll through the posts I missed, then similarly with Twitter and then I’ll get up. Some people do yoga, some read the morning paper… It’s a ritual. But then you wake up and you only have Twitter to browse, and Instagram which became very useful! Procrasination becomes a lot more difficult. It was the same in the library, or those awkward moments when you’re sat on your own in the pub and pretending to browse your phone.

Though, I guess I can’t really claim to know if I got anymore work done during this time either!

Apart from that though, the biggest thing I missed was not having instant access to my friends. On chat you know when a friend is online, and you know when they’ve read your message, so I’ve become accustomed to that instant gratification. Unless you use WhatsApp, you don’t get that on your phone. Texts can go for hours without a reply. And I’m not a massive fan of phonecalls unless it’s a conversation as opposed to a quick question. There were also small minority of friends who I could only speak to through Facebook for various reasons and this was something I hadn’t quite considered when I deleted it.

On the otherhand, it was quite a nice experience. I never once asked another friend to browse Facebook for me, it wasn’t an urge I had throughout the week despite the fact they would constantly be on it around me. I “fraped” a friend which was amusing though I couldn’t keep track of the feedback! The friends who use other websites such as Twitter would generally update this more regularly and similarly with Instagram if they had any photographs so I still had access to their “online lives” as such.

And anyway, when I reactived it I was instantly in a bad mood after seeing somethings which I had been blissfully unaware of beforehand. Though I can’t blame Facebook for that, it’s my own nosiness…


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