Another 4am Posts: Religion, Horoscopes and Psychics

Status and security goals need rethinking in order to take advantage of changing
circumstances. Your career is a focus for this, but your home and family
situation are also involved. Big ideas and grand visions play a leading role in
your life now. Mysterious or mystical information fires your imagination, and
there is a good chance that there is more heat than light. Keep an open mind and
learn all you can–do not take gossip for gospel. Psychological values and
material possessions become very important for you and they are in a state of
change: what is old and familiar is left behind or changed so thoroughly as to
be unrecognizable. This can be a very productive time in your life . . . could
even be a Midas-touch kind of experience.

Others can be especially obliging and considerate today, dear Virgo. It’s a strong day for repairing and renewing close personal relationships with open and warm interactions. Simple gestures and reaching out in the smallest ways can be rewarding. A partner might be especially romantic right now, and you could be seeing a relationship in an accepting way. Your instincts with business matters can be right on the money today.




Your energy is better spent on mysteries today, even if you would rather check on important tasks or work. At least one hidden variable can come out in the light if you think hard enough.


Do you believe in a bit of mystery?

I was having a discussion with a friend the other day about religion. Yes, sounds a bit heavy handed for a drink in the pub I guess but it’s the type of friendship we have. Now, this friend is similar to me in that they label themselves under a religion, the religion they were brought up with, but wouldn’t argue that they were a strong, practicing member. Personally, I’m a Methodist since that was the church I went to every Sunday until I was 14 and that was the same church my family went to, except my mum who didn’t “do” church. However, I have another friend who you could label as a devote atheist. He’s the type of person you’ll see pushing Richard Dawkin links down your throat on Twitter… And Facebook… And his blog… And his LinkedIn. Yet there’s an irony in his pursuit of disclaiming religion and yet I, as a non-practicing person, wouldn’t bother arguing my case as a believer.

In fact, when I was confronted two years ago when I came to university I quickly discovered I knew next to nothing about the theories of Methodism. That didn’t bother me.

Similarly with horoscopes and psychics though. When I was younger, I must have been around 13 because that was the first time I ever bought J17 (a magazine targeted at 17 year olds), I used to obsess over my weekly horoscope. I liked that I could sort of figure out what was going to happen in the coming days, though they were always particularly vague. Then, at the end of the week, I’d read back and justify the paragraph. Of course they probably are nonsense, but I quite enjoyed reading them.

I still do in fact, though now that I’ve deleted my Facebook account I can’t keep track of my usual source so I uploaded a few of mine for today at the start of this post. As usual, they’re all very vague, and vary in size. And as per usual, they mention relationships (I’m single) and money (well, I’m a student… Do you need any more explanation?) But according to each of them, I’m going to face mystery and renew friendships. I’m not going to deny that sounds a little exciting!

Talking of reliability, my auntie went to a psychic when I was around 10. She got asked about her nieces, the brunette and the blonde (i.e. my little sister and me). Though I don’t remember what the psychic told her about my sister, I specifically remember my auntie informing me that I was supposedly going to “surprise her in a way she would never expect”… over a decade later and we’ve essentially disowned each other over a family argument.

If you look hard enough, there’s truth in any statement.


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