“You’re 21? How come you’re not married yet?”

There’s nothing like wedding bells. Or lack of. Especially when you have a bunch of year one and year two students exclaiming at the fact that no, you are not married and no, you are not in a relationship.


Getting questioned about my relationship status isn’t anything new of course. From my friends at primary school and high school I would probably say I’m part of the minority who went to university. Of the majority who stayed on the island, most of them are on their second child. Otherwise they have one who’s at least one year old. I have two friends, off the top of my head, who are engaged and one has her wedding booked for July.

It’s scary to think that I was the oldest out of that whole group!

Personally, going to university isn’t something you regret but on the other hand, I guess neither is having a child. Though I can’t see myself ever gaining a maternal instinct even a close relative who shared my “can’t deal with children” views had her own recently and he has quickly become the center of her world. Maybe it’s not entirely impossible.

But my point is what people expect of you. Clearly the children I was teaching today were set in their view that in your 20s you are old and therefore should be married. Certain people may argue that being 21 is a perfect time to have a child and settle down. For my teachers, university was always the target. For me? Well, I’m a third year at university and in all honesty, I have no idea what I want out of life just yet…

Though I guess I have a faint idea forming now.



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