Teacher (Assistant) Woes: Two days into placement

Primary school though to leaving high school is a funny old time. In technical terms, it’s “compulsory education”, and your family will keep reminding you how it’s “the best years of your life”. To me it was pretty much loud teachers, slamming rulers, exercise books and dreaded swimming lessons.

I’ve been doing a work placement in a primary school this week actually. Since it’s Reading Week at university, which essentially means no lectures, I chose to come home. But there was no way I was spending it purely at home, even I’m not that lazy! Mum told me that she’d suggested to some teachers at the school she works at that I was studying Education and they offered me a placement. I’m only two days in of course so I’m not writing a summary just yet but so far it’s really struck me how different it is to when I was in primary school.

Though it’s doubtful it’s that different. I’m looking back on it after a decade of high school and university education- I keep forgetting who uses “little letters” and “big letters” or if they’ll understand the sound of “-tion”. It seems different because it’s all tiny. I don’t ever believe I was taught in such a way. I’ll get more technical in my reflective summary but the most exciting thing for me is the curriculum and how teachers go about teaching it and explaining it.

However, what bugged me is the strictness of playtimes. It’s something that’s always bugged me since it began in my primary school: banning games like British Bulldog and conkers. Everyone must have their coats on, the electronic locks on the doors. I mean, I fully understand why they’re there and the rules aren’t absolute nonsense in the least. But being a teacher has gone beyond the general exchange of knowledge and into a lot more of a complicated role.

It’s exhausting!


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