Third Year: Realising it’s all ending…

Last night was definitely one of those times reality hit me like a ton of bricks. Well, that’s how this hangover feels today!

Basically, a few of my friends who study journalism have decided to spend their second semester studying (and working) in China. Though I’m terrible at geography so I can’t tell you much, all I know is that they are all very excited. Personally, I don’t have a big passion of travelling to that kind of place- though admittedly that’s mostly due to my nut allergy and not being able to get right into that exotic lifestyle. And being terrible with languages. And direction. And new people…

Well, you get the picture.

Back to the point:

We were going to throw them a big leaving do. My friend, Eva, wanted to do pub golf. Since she’d never done it before I personally thought it was a brilliant idea. No joke, you should have seen my excitement when she told me. And the best part of it all was, since she’d never played before, was that she didn’t know the rules and therefore I had to organise it. If you know me you’ll know that me organising drinking events is my forté. In a former life I was probably a (bad) party planner but I love getting everyone together!

So on Monday we were sat in the pub organising the rules. Now, if you’ve never played/heard of pub golf essentially it’s like golf (obviously). The organiser (me!) sets out a course (of pubs) which is usually nine holes (read holes as pubs). In each pub there is a set drink which you have to “down” within a specific time or go’s, that’s the par. Once you finish the “course”, like in golf, the one with the least amount of points wins. But in pub golf, for fun, you get to throw in penalties and bonus’ so in my case, as organiser and umpire, everyone had to do many shots of tequila!

Now the annoying thing is that Eva doesn’t do rules, so you can understand how frustrating that is for me attempting to organise her event. So I decided to try something new: I would do all the tricky parts, which mainly consisted of explaining the rules on the Facebook event. Then all I had to do was turn up. Now, seriously, that’s wierd for me. Normally I need to know every tiny detail but no, last night I let go.

And it was amazing!

Only me and one other girl chose to dress up out of the entire group. I got a free jagerbomb. Everyone ended up getting with some random strangers. My poor friends behind the bar had one of the group harrassing all of them for photos (that was one of the bonus’). We all had leukemia wished on us by a (terrible) comedian in one of the pubs. And everyone is suffering the worst hangover this morning.

But the scariest part is that this would be it. If I hadn’t decided to come back to university for a Masters I would never see Eva and co after today since I’m going home for the week tonight and she leaves on Monday. Now that’s scary because even though I will see Eva and all my second year friends again, it’s doubtful I’ll see many of my third year friends after I go to America.

University is all coming to an end now.

pub golf


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