Casual 4am post: in the library

I guess this kind of continues on from my Self Motivation… Eh? post a few days ago but I’m back in the library. It’s 4am and I’ve been here just under an hour. Earlier on, technically yesterday, I came here for an hour while I waited for a friend to finish work to go for a drink, it’s a Tuesday tradition to go to the pub, and now I’m back. We finished at the pub about 11 and I actually went straight to bed, but being wide awake at 2am called for one thing: Library time.

The thing is, I know exactly why I can’t sleep and yes, it’s assignments. I have an assignment on the curriculum which isn’t due in for a month but it’s not this one I’m interested in. Another assignment I have, which is due in at the same time, is about the education of vulnerable children. Both assignments are the same length, due in at the same time but they’re for two different modules.

So what does that matter?

Well it does. I know I’ll find the second assignment more difficult given that it’s a literature review as opposed to a straight forward essay. It’s also a lot more personal and deep… So I want to do it when I don’t have any other assignments to worry about at the same time. In all fairness, I’m more interested in the second assignment. But that means that I’ll dedicate a lot more time to it which probably isn’t a great thing but it’ll happen all the same. Whether that’ll reflect in my final grade I won’t know for a while but it’ll be interesting to see all the same!

On a more positive note, today I got an assignment back which I’d be stressing over last semester. I was only hoping for a 2:i (and yes, I know you can’t really say only a 2:1 but given that my last assignment in this module I’d gotten a First I’ve gotten high expectations of myself… Ok, a bit big headed.) I actually ended up with a 72, which means I completed that module with 72.something per cent and 67.3% for the whole of semester one. From what I’ve worked out, that means I’ll need 73% in semester two to graduate with a First overall. Considering I got 53% in year one and 62% in year two I know this will require a lot of hard work but the fact it’s not impossible is a lot better than what I could have expected this time last year!

Things are actually starting to look up!


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