Self Motivation… Eh?

Something funny happened when I went out last night, which happened back in semester one as well: I felt bad for being out instead of in the library. Ironically, while I was out I had a friend come up to me and tell me I should quit spending so long in the library which should have probably been a hint. Especially since my first assignment isn’t due in for a month. But I guess that’s a lesson I’ve learned since I started university: I’m not capable of writing a good essay under pressure. My lecturer told us in first year that it was always obvious if you’d written an essay the night before but I didn’t believe him, despite the fact I was barely scrapping a pass my friends were getting comfortable 2:1. Last year I had a friend who smoked weed 24 7, wrote assignments which were hitting 3,000 words within 3 hours of the deadline and managing to get First’s so it was definitely possible!

That mind set probably encouraged my lazy attitude over the past two years and given that I barely scrapped into the 2:1 area last year, I knew this year had to be different. Third year counts of 70% of your overall grade on my course so it was possible to make a massive difference. So I did. Don’t ask me how, I’m not entirely sure myself but suddenly I was finishing work at 2pm and in the library until 8pm (since the third floor with the computers shut at 9), then I’d be coming in at 10pm until midnight. Short shifts at first but it started becoming automatic. The day of shock quickly arrived though when I managed 2.30 until 9.15 (mainly because they hadn’t shifted us all off the third floor by this point!)

Then I hadn’t gone out in three weeks and it hit me.

I was that kind of student.

I was getting assignment drafts in a week before the deadline and actually booking tutorials.

And the biggest difference? I was suddenly getting 70+ (a First) in my assignments as opposed to 50s (a 2:ii). Clearly putting in a bit of effort makes all the difference.


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