Sometimes your imagination is a big improvement on reality…

So I went out with a friend tonight to our Student Union bar. I knew from the off it wasn’t going to be a particularly heavy night, I’d spent the day in the library though (and 10 hours the night before) and just needed a bit of socialising to chill out. But that wasn’t what it turned into- not that the night was especially bad or anything, but it was something else.

Have you ever had a situation where everyone knew this one person that you’d never met? Not that I’m the most popular person in the world, or even at UCLan, but this one name had kept popping up in conversations and I didn’t know who the guy was. All I knew was he wasn’t a nice guy at all and enjoyed messing girls around: he’s hurt a mate’s girlfriend, he refuses to talk to that mate, and another friend has had some negative involvement with him too… Never mind the number of girlfriends I have who’ve slept with him. And I was so intrigued.

Honestly, I am one of the nosiest people you’ll probably ever meet. Hearing about this guy so much lately I wanted to see what was so special about him, you’d expect he had to be one hell of a guy to be breaking hearts left, right and centre.

When I found out he worked at the bar, I got shown a photo of him and realised I’d never met him before which was weird since last semester I was in that bar almost 24/7. Admittedly I don’t know all the staff by name but I recongised them. So finally tonight was the night! He was finally working when I walked up to the bar for my drink and…

I’m really not seeing the attraction.

He’s tall and lanky, with a really narrow face. He wore a long sleeved top under his work shirt despite the fact the place gets boiling when it’s busy. He was particularly smiley or flirty (not that he served me!). To me, he’s not the kind of guy who you’d think “wow!” when you first saw him so maybe it’s a personality thing but I doubt I’ll ever find out.

But it really made me think, how often do we big something up to have it shot down? It’s like having a really hot date and finding out he’s a miserable git. Or finding your perfect family home only to spend your life fixing it up (not that I’ve had any experience in either may I add!) I know I’m really bad for it, I’m a big day dreamer. I wouldn’t say I’m a particularly ambitious person or dreamer, but I enjoy imagining situations I know will never happen. That’s the best part though because even though I know they’ll never happen, I know I’ll never be disappointed by my own imagination.

Maybe the problem starts with people who start blurring these together.


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