What’s so good about your degree?

I guess this is another one for those university students and graduates but it could apply to any kind of course. But is there any particular reason you’re doing what you’re doing right now? In an educational context, since I’m big on that, it’s an important thing. These decisions we’re making from choosing our GCSEs.

When we’re in year nine we are told to choose our GCSEs. I can’t remember the exact talk like in year eight when I remember the head of year telling us that this was the “chill out” year since the next year would be GCSE decisions. By year nine I guess I was bored. Honestly, I don’t think I can really remember why I chose the subjects I chose:

  • Seperate science I had to do since I was in set one and therefore was compulsory. Compared to set two’s who got the option (if they were considered smart enough) and the rest did double science.
  • English Language & Literature though they were seperate subjects these were compulsory, same with Maths.
  • Business Studies Was chosen because I wanted to study it at College, don’t ask me why. I guess I had kind of liked it prior to this.
  • Textiles I have no excuse for this one besides the fact my mum was a technician and therefore “persuaded” me
  • Graphics I might have flipped a coin for this one, I wasn’t creative at all.
  • History Oh, I loved history at school. This all changed at GCSE.

My A Levels were pretty much the same story. Especially since I had only dropped my idea of going to College since my (then) boyfriend had suggested I moved to his high school instead of stay at mine where I wasn’t getting along with my “friends”:

  • Biology because my boyfriend, despite being the year above, did it
  • Chemistry pretty much the same reason, maybe I was convinced he’d do the work for me?
  • English Language I must have liked it at GCSE I guess, I did like writing stories.
  • Classical Civilisation I dropped Chemistry after the first week and the head of year taught this so he’d pushed it! I fell in love with it though.
  • General Studies this was compulsory


Throughout my educational career I’ve never had any solid career plan. I mean, I’ve had ideas but I wasn’t like my friends who were all potential vets, lawyers, phsychologists. Though, admittedly, about 70% are now young parents rather than pursuing their dream career. Right now this worries me. I’ve chosen such a broad degree I could essentially start in anything education wise or do a more specific post graduate course. I do plan on the post graduate route right now, I’m hoping to stay here at UCLan, but many of my friends on the course who’ve not gotten onto PGCEs (as the majority of our course is doing) or gotten to their third year and decided teaching isn’t for them. They’re going off to work at any graduate scheme that’ll take them.

So, in any case, is a degree pointless without a career plan? Or does the degree risk putting you off your dream?


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