The moment.

Have you ever had that one moment of clarity where you suddenly realise something? It’s kind of like that “eureka” moment when you remember where you put your car keys but you might not realise that you’re looking for your metaphorical “car keys”.

Mine was last night. I went out with a group of girlfriends and was drinking for seven hours (though when I say drinking, I mean I had about four pints… It wasn’t a night to get hammered.) We were in our local and having a good ol’ chin wag like typical students celebrating the Quids night. Who can say no to pints for a pound?

Well long story short, I realised several things:

  1. I still love my ex even though we broke up two years ago. But I don’t mean love in that way, I could never imagine getting back with him. We’re both two very different people now but I do worry about him still.
  2. I protray a very different person to who I feel I am. I wouldn’t say I’m pretending to be a more confident person or a better person, or even a worse person, than I am. But I’ve realised I’m not that shy first year anymore who stayed in every night hoping someone would invite her out. My friends told me they’re so impressed that I’m willing to invite them out all the time and introduce them to new people. Unless I’m friend’s with your boyfriend, in which case I probably protray a needy girl who’s after your fella. I’m not.
  3. People surprise you, and even I can misjudge people. One of my friend’s having a mental breakdown last night really threw me and she had a full on drunk confession about a lot of stuff. I mean, now it makes a lot of sense. But last night I felt like I was watching a stranger, but a stranger who was in serious need of someone to take her of her.

It’s not like these things make a massive difference to my life in all honesty. Nothing will change. But I just wonder how many more surprises are around the corner?


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