Getting to grips with 2013

So as you might have noticed, the past couple of days have been pretty post-less. I did plan to blog, I even had the typical “reflection” post in my head but as per usual what is in my head doesn’t generally make it out. Well, unless it’s completely inappropriate. Admittedly the past two nights have been spent drinking, given that it was New Years Eve followed by a friend returning from the Christmas holidays. Today and yesterday have been spent getting my head together, trying to stay awake and not let the hangover ruin my life.

It’s self inflicted so asking for sympathy isn’t very likely.

But one thing I do think every dedicated blogger should do at the beginning of a new year is reflect on their past year. Now, I would usually have done this on New Years Eve and it would have been much more fun if I had been writing this blog for much longer than I have (and by “more fun” I mean “easier for me to remember”).

So let’s begin:

2012 has been a very up and down year for me. It began in Roper Hall with my two guys mates, Jordan and Colin. Tip: Don’t spend New Years Eve with two guys who are more like your younger brothers, it makes watching Big Ben chime midnight while sitting between those two on the sofa in the pub a little awkward. When a load of girls showed up from Jordan’s (and my old) workplace I decided that I should make my move. I remember the “two hour” wait for a taxi persuading me to wake the 20 minutes home in my skirt and vest top. Big mistake: that was how I ended up witnessing a hit and run, comforting a crying 50-year-old woman, nearly getting punched by a drunken man, being interviewed by the police, driven home by the police and asked out by another friend.

Carrying on with the romantic theme then, 2012 was my first one night stand. Considering it had been a year since I’d broken up with my ex of two years, I guess you could say it was about time. The first guy was the guy who’d asked me out on New Years Eve. He actually asked me out every time he went out drinking for the whole of January. But it wasn’t until March we finally slept together, watching PS I Love You, and he ignored me from then on. He actually apologised recently saying that he thought I’d have hurt him. Ironic. The next guy was Jordan, the guy I’d gone out with on New Years Eve. This was in September and we’d both been abandoned by our friends in a club and he suggested I sleep on his couch. Safe to say I didn’t, but we both quickly decided we were never meant to be more than friends. The next, and final, hook up is a course mate. Not that I’d ever spoken to him prior to him moving in with my closest friend and some how from that came about our whole “friends with benefits” situation.

So in the past year I’ve managed up my “number” from one guy I was in a relationship with to two one night stands and a long term, open relationship.

I guess it’s just a sign of how much things have changed… Time to get on with it then!


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