A year from now…

I probably shouldn’t be thinking about this after less than a week of writing this blog, but have you ever stopped and wondered where you’ll be a year from now? This is generally a “New Years Eve/Day” thing I know, but we all know that: we’ll probably be drunk/hungover/with our families/writing New Years resolutions… But on any old day?

I’ve just browsed through my Facebook to figure out what I was doing this time last year. I don’t have anything for the 30th, it probably wasn’t important enough for Facebook to put it on my Timeline, but on the 24th I had my first Skype with an American friend who had been an exchange student here. Me and her don’t speak anymore, we had a silent falling out/growing apart and she moved to Korea. On the 28th I went out with two girlfriends, one had been teaching in Germany and the other was a coursemate. I don’t talk to them anymore either, the teacher moved back to Preston and we had a falling out over a guy (I tried to reconcile recently only for her to start making comments about me on Twitter) and the other friend had a mental breakdown and I believe I wasn’t helping her situation. Well, put it this way, the police ended up getting involved and agreeing I shouldn’t speak to her.

It’s sad really, it’s probably not how I expected to look back at the year. It’s definitely not how I foresaw it when I’d been looking forward I imagine. It’s been an up and down year yes, and I’ll probably go into that on New Years Eve! But that specific date, they were good memories which are almost bittersweet.

So the 30th December 2013. What I know is I’ll have (hopefully) survived third year and handed in my dissertation in April. Though I’ll be missing it to go to America for two months, in July my graduation will be held at the Guild Hall, Preston. I’ll officially finish up as a student and move out of halls in May to go to work in a summer camp in America, after completing the Great Manchester 10km for a second time. I’ll probably have cried an unbelievably amount of times saying good bye to university friends and then to camp friends. By December I should be settling down at home, which I imagine will be back in the Isle of Man. Scrounging until I find a job.

I’ll be 22 and a grown up.

Now that’ll be scary.


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