Growing up: It’s exciting!

The funny thing about growing up is that belief that everything will just work out… When we’re older, we will just understand. We were told it by our parents: “I’ll explain when you’re older.”

I’m starting to think they never knew.

Well, I’m 21 right now. I’m a third year at university studying a degree in Education. Basically, I’m learning about learning itself. And you want to know something? I don’t think I’ve ever felt more lost.

I guess graduation is one of those times in our lives when everyone panics. Whether you’ve followed a specific career path all your life such as being a vet or a lawyer, or you’ve done a degree which will guarantee you a nice lifestyle like business or accountancy (my friends words, not mine!) up until graduation you spend your life being taught. Suddenly, you’re on your own.

We should be prepared of course, that was the whole point of that three, four, five year degree. But 90% of us much prefer learning the theory to putting it into practice, and that’s why many could argue that a degree is pointless. I mean, I do know people who’ve dropped out of university and gotten themselves their dream career, or scrapped a third and still gotten onto an amazing graduate scheme.

Personally, I’ve been working since I was 14: first it was in my local’s kitchen, then the fruit and veg section of a supermarket, followed by being a Saturday girl at a pharmacy, working in a clothes store and back to a pharmacy. I’ve worked on a switchboard, on a reception, as a student ambassador and as a student mentor. Work itself doesn’t scare me, in fact I’m more confused without a job. What do people do with their day?

But a degree was supposed to set me up for a career.

And that’s where I’m losing it now. Without already being in an “educational setting” my degree is pretty much pointless without further study. The majority of my fellow coursemates are applying for PGCEs- now that looks like a bloodbath with all those returning to education types choosing the same route. Personally, I want to go into the psychology side of it all, but even that’s just as competitive with my competition coming from those who’ve already survived the PGCE route, been a teacher and experienced the classroom.


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